About UHC

United Health Communication is a health communication innovation compnay, which provides evidence-based healthcare solutions to heath consumers, patients, clinicians, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. United Health Communication was founded in 2013. Prior to our start-up, we successfully developed and launched several evidence-based adherence solutions in pilot studies as a industry first trial. Our industry leading experiences in this field enable our clients provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions to our customers.

Our solutions are based thoroughly on behavioral science and latest internet technologies.
Our expertise is accumulated especially around IT-based healthcare programs. Our strengths are also seen in  end-to-end services capability, from designing to operating healthcare solutions.


Our Team

Yasuto Shirataki (CEO, Founder)

Over 15 years experience in research and management consulting in the Gallup Organization, Link Consulting Associates Japan Co. Ltd., and ITOCHU Group companies (IML Co., Ltd., etc.), Shirataki founded United Health Communication in 2013.
University of Manchester Master of Business Administration, (Manchester Business School)

Sora Hashimoto (Chief Science/Operating Officer)

Hashimoto has extensive experiences as a researcher and professor in  health phychology. After spending 8 years in one of the most renowned university continuously producing cutting-edge research in his field, he joined United Health Communication as a leading scientist and dirctor of service operation.Hashimoto finished Ph.D program at Waseda University, Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

Hongzhi Yang (Technical Lead in Artificial Intelligence)

Yang has extensive experiences in artificial intelligience techonologies, especially, around speech recognition and machine learning. His various carrier as a professor at universities, and R&D researcher and enginieer in vourious companies has led his outstanding recognition as an AI specialist. He joind UHC as a technical lead in 2015.
Earned Ph.D. at The University of Electro-Communications

Akiko Hida (Project Leader)

Hida dedicated herself in drug manuacturing process development at a pharamaceutical company for over a decade. She joined UHC 2014 exploiting her expertise in pharmaceutical business arena.
Earned master in biology at Keio University.

Yoshie Yamaguchi (Project Assistant)

Yamaguchi joined UHC after engaged in nero science at Prime Research Institute of Kyoto University. Her research area is especially around evolution of social behaviour patterns commonly seen in primates and man.
Yamaguchi earned M.S at Kyoto University, Graduate School of Science.

Kumiko Yanaba (Clinical Researcher)

After earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and engaging in patient support at cancer centers as a clinical psychologist, Yanaba joined United Health Communication in 2014.
Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare, Department of Clinical Psychology Research, Tokyo; Ph.D.

Tomoko Sakurai (Clinical Researcher)

Started her carrier as a nurse in the area of acute care, Sakurai successfuly developed her expertize not only nursing practice but also education as an assistant professor at Department of Nursing at Chiba University. Sakurai joined United Health Communication in 2016. She earned master degree at Department of nursing, Chiba University.

Kanna Miyajima(Clinical Researcher)

Miyajima accumurated rich experiences as a medical social worker specialized in intellectual disability and developmental disorder. In addition, she has developed her specialty in aromatherapy to treat these patients in her entire carrier. Miyajima joined UHC in 2014.
Bachalor at Department of Phychology, Sophia Univercity.

Masahiko Shin (Engineer)

Exploitting his mathematical skills and deep understanding in computer science, Shin focuses his expertize as an enginieer especially in AI area. He also has rich experiences in medical writing, which allows him to apply AI technologies in healthcare field.
Shin earned Master degree at School of mathematics and materials science, University of Tsukuba.


Advisory Board

Akira Tsuda, MD, Clinical Psychotherapist, Professor at Kurume Department of Psychology, Kurume University, Expert of Health psychology, Clinical Psychology
A Main Research Themes:Stress Management, Health Psychology
Academic Societies:Japanese Association of Behavioral Science (Chairman), The Japanese Association of Health Psychology (Chief executive officer), The Japanese Society of Behavioral Medicine (Chief executive officer), Japan Society of Stress Management (Chief editor), The Japanese Association of Stress Science (Director)


Miwako Kamei, Professor at Nihon University Department of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration, PhD of Pharmacy, Health Communication, Community Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics
A Main Research Themes:Health Communication, Health Outcomes (Community medicine, medication support), Pharmaceutical Benefit Plans
Academic Societies:Japanese Society of Social Pharmacy (Executive director), Pharmaceutical Communication Society of Japan (Supervisor), Pharmacy Society of Japan (Councilor)