Solution: Patient Support Programs

Evidence-Based Patient Support Solution

We can deliver a patient support program based on behavioral science. Our programs are developed through specifying critical determinants of desirable patients behaviors, and incorporating our knowledge and experience in a wide range of patient behavioral intervention methods.

  • Analyze non-adherent determinants using various frameworks in physiologies.
  • Develop patient support programs based on our original framework.
  • Use major behavior changing techniques in patient support programs, which have been proven to be effective.


Market-Leading Capabilities to Develop and Operate Programs Using Multi-Channel Formats

We are the market leader in developing and executing patient support programs utilizing out-bound call centers and IT. In addition, we fully understand how to develop patient support programs for patients, such as the elderly, who do not frequently use the internet.

  • Out-bound call center based medication adherence improvement programs.
  • Web/mobile based medication adherence improvement programs.


Plan and Operate Clinical Trials in Patient Research

We have market leading experiences in adherence research in Japan. We are capable of planning and operating efficient clinical trials in adherence research.

  • Design and operate clinical trials with our one-stop shop.
  • Design clinical trials using appropriate measurement that evaluates the effectiveness of the patient support programs.